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Tweak Warp going Beta and more

So finally after almost a year our iPhone app TWEAK WARP is going beta. It’s really amazing to see how long it takes to get shit done. We are currently working on a iPad version as well, called Tweak Warp 4. More on that when it develops. 

On the video game front, there will be a huge announcement within the next 2 weeks. For those who actually read this, here’s a little sneak peak (well more of a give it away):

There will also be a semi sonic mayhem website update. Going to change the layout a bit and adding sound cloud support. Now if your an upcoming composer or producer you can just drop me your tracks via sound clouds “dropbox”. Its pretty neat. I also will eventually upload everything we’ve ever done, that includes Quake II, unreleased Q2 tunes, q3a, other unreleased promo tracks and all current soundtracks.

More news soon!