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New Sonic Mayhem website live!

We have launched the new today!

This website has been a few months in the making and I would like to thank David and Katie for their support and patience while working the behind the scenes stuff. This website is fully done in HTML5 meaning yes, you can listen to audio on your ipad. Also we opt for a single page design out the simple reason that I wanted it to be like a extended resume. With todays social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr, there’s also no real need for ‘news’ on the site it self. Want all the news about what game soundtrack we are working on? Simply join me on Twitter. Sure isn’t that hard. :)

David and Katie are brilliant designers based out of the UK. Please check out their portfolio right here.  They really cared a lot and listened to all of my wishes. However, of course, no website is perfect. So for those of you who might missed it, here’s how to navigate the site:


This is the top menu, you will see to your far left. It’s simple. When you click on the section of your choice, it will take you directly to that part of the page without the need to scroll. 

Once your arrived at the section of your choice, you will see a TOP marker to your far right. Simply click and your back to the top menu.

I had a few people not catching this so I figured I show how that works. I still think the single page design was the best option. Over the next few weeks I will add more unreleased music and once Mass Effect 3 hits the stores we will, of course, add tracks to the ME3 player.  

And lastly, there’s the Itunes icon. When a player shows this icon:


next to it, then you can purchase the soundtrack by simply clicking on it!

So, I hope everyone enjoys the new site and there’s a lot more cool stuff coming. Just wait. :)


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