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Tweak Warp

Twarp Industries LLC Launching Tweak Warp™ Application in 2010

Los Angeles, January 5, 2010 — Privately owned, Los Angeles-based Twarp Industrieshas announced that it will be launching Tweak Warp™, it’s flagship application for the iPhone in 2010. Tweak Warp aims to be the premiere audio remixing tool on the iPhone,combining the fun of a handheld toy with a sophisticated audio manipulation tool.

"We’re very excited about the upcoming launch of Tweak Warp. This will be an amazing opportunity for iPhone users to get turned on to some incredible music and technology," states Sascha Dikiciyan, CEO of Twarp Industries. "This is a first step in our long-term strategy for bringing fun, audio driven applications to the iphone and beyond"

The company plans to roll out a private beta in the coming weeks and will be fine tuning the application for an early 2010 submission to Apple’s App Store.

About Twarp Industries LLC

Twarp Industries is the answer for music lovers who want to download, mix and tweak loops on their iPhone. The company is the brainchild of world-renowned composer Sascha Dikiciyan (Quake Series, Splinter cell 4, Hellgate, Prototype,Borderlands) and Art Director Steve Gerdes (Virgin Records, Warner). In 2009 Sascha and Steve brought their vision to HYFN, an award winning mobile and web development firm and Twarp Industries was formed. The company will be launching their first application called Tweak Warp in early 2010. The application will boast a large collection of downloadable Artist loops which users will be able to easily manipulate with the flick of a finger or tilt of the phone, save and share them with the world or use them in their own production.