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Cris and I are at the end of writing for our current project. We’ve composed about 120 mins of music in all. Now we are finalizing the last couple of cues and I just finished the game Intro last night. I think the music or sound for an Intro, are important as they will set the tone for the game. They will give the player the first emotional connection of whats to come. 

Now, to this day, I still get a billion emails about Quake music. Let me tell you that i am very happy so many people really seem to enjoy the stuff we wrote, way back, in a time before most plugins and software synths. Heck, Reason was *just* released when we finished Quake III Arena. I still have about 250 copies of the noize soundtrack in storage so what I will do is sign each copy and put them up on ebay with the proceeds going to the Japan Earthquake red cross relief. This will be your last chance to get your hands on this rare soundtrack cause after 250, it will never be made again. 


Well I finally am about to make the ipads an integral part of my setup. Things are already working well but im currently waiting for the “the missing  link” hardware ( which will eliminate the OSC translating issue. Basically, for example Cubase does not have a build in OSC function. Meaning I would have to translate each OSC message into Midi which is something i do really not care for. With wifimidi, you will be able to plug the midi out of the unit into your Midi interface (I use the motu express) midi in and now TouchOSC and midi learn should work. Once I have the unit I will write up a more in-depth report. Hopefully it will work as planned. 

I have really been enjoying the OP-1 by Teenage Engineering ( Here you can see my unit going first into the Eventide SPACE, then going into a Chandler Tg-2 preamp and into the RME. I have been using this little bugga on a few things already. Wish I had it during the Tron development but you can hear it on a few of the new Mass effect tracks we did for the DLC. 


Those of you who beta tested our iphone up will know what this is all about. Steve and I have been busy finalizing the design document for our ipad. It’s been a lot of work and hopefully we will be able to fully share not only what this app is about, but what it took to get there. It’s a rather interesting process and let me tell you, designing a GUI is NOT easy. 

The above shot is our main menu screen which you will see after starting the app. Just a little sneak peak at the style, which is of course, the same as our iphone app. The design is by non other then Steve Gerdes, who is also responsible for the entire artwork of all things Tron (Disney music related). Simplicity and fun are the main goals here and for anyone interested, I will disclose more info every month on this and other things. 


I’m actually working on a remix of one of our Mass Effect cues. One night I just started to mess around and 30 mins later it just BEGGED me to please oh please remix me. So i did but due to current workload, it must wait a bit. 

I also have a remix of Chase & Status “time” single in the can but that needs a proper mix and such so when time allows, I will finish it up and just release it via white label. 

Now your asking ok but what about Toksin EP? It’s the never ending story. I think I was once on the phone with Klayton (of celldweller) and he felt my pain as his record is taken some time as well :). I think going the chapter route is the way to go otherwise I will never release anything. I prolly wont be calling it chapters, more just a few EP’s I suppose. 


OK I will admit it. I am a hypocrite. I hate blogs. I think everyone and their grandma has one. So what. But on the other hand, theres no other place to get this (maybe useful to some, just fun for others) info out. Facebook you say? Please. How about official site? Nah. So a blog? yep. I think it’s important that even if only one person reads it, to write down stuff. It’s like therapy just without the heavy content of drugs, sex or violence. Just stuff I care about and that others may find interesting…


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