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Space Marine Soundtrack Track Listing

Here it is. Our final Warhammer: Space Marine soundtrack track listing: 

1. Prologue
2. Titus’ Theme
3. Against all odds 
4. Prelude to war
5. Valkyrie Run
6. Battlements 
7. Whispers of the the dead
8. The Blood Ravens
9. Reunion with Mira 
10.The Weirdboy
11. No Man’s Land
12. The Inquisitor 
13. The Meat grinder
14. Heart of Darkness
15. Fight for Honor
16. Titan
17. Legions of Chaos
18. Heresy
19. A Hero’s Legacy

More news you will find over at Top Dollar PR will be doing all of our promotional stuff. Very excited to be working with Greg and his team again. There is an iTunes release planned but not really sure when that will happen, just yet. 

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